What are people saying about Dr. Lydie?

What Are People Saying?

“Dr. Lydie is a very unique speaker and business trainer. She has a way of engaging the audience that keeps them actively involved in her presentations. The business owners really enjoy learning and working with Dr. Lydie.”

Anil Sinha

Head, Research & Executive Programs at World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), a division of The United Nations

“Dr. Lydie is the Suze Orman of business law!  She is America’s Leading Business Partner!”

Bob Circosta

Co-Founder-Home Shopping Network

“I love her.â€
Amanda T

CEO of Websites by Amanda Kidpreneur (age 14)

“Dr. Lydie is one of the most amazing people that I have ever met. It was clear from hearing her speak at a Los Angles Tribune-sponsored event that we needed to have her on staff. I hired her as Special Intellectual Property Counsel the next day. We also recognized that her knowledge needed to be shared with a larger audience. This is why Legally Speaking with Dr. Lydie is now part of The Los Angeles Tribune Network
Moe Rock

Owner & CEO of The Los Angeles Tribune

“Dr. Lydie is the Go-To Intellectual Property Expert.
This is why I selected her to be a part of the JD3 TV Legal Team. It is also why “What’s Law Got To Do With It? Will be launching exclusively on the JD3 TV Network.â€
Dr. James Dentley IIl

Founder & CEO JD3 Media

“Dr. Lydie has a certain quality that is rare in most speakers. Her story is authentic and she shares it with grace and inspiration. I have watched people run towards the stage to meet her and hire her after she speaks. It’s one of the reasons why I hired her to protect my intellectual property.
Bill Walsh

Founder & CEO of Power Team International

“She is my lawyer!
And, she is also my dad’s lawyer too. It’s kinda cool to share an awesome lawyer with my dad.â€
Sean L.

Teen Suicide Prevention Speaker TeenPreneur (ag 16)

“Dr. Lydie is an experienced and well-known legal scholar and practitioner. I’ve consulted with her on academic projects as well as international consulting assignments. She is always there to provide creative solutions to a problem. Choosing her as your advisor is a smart choice.”

David Orozco

Professor of Business Law and Author of Business Law & Strategy

“Dr. Lydie is such an amazingly gifted and beautiful person.  She continuously shares her knowledge. She not only advises me on my business, but she also advises my son as a teen speaker on teenage suicide.â€

Dr. Bob Levine

PH.D. Stress & Pain Relief Specialist

“Dr. Lydie is the best. If you need legal advice in your business, she is my first choice.â€

Dr. Sony Jackson

CEO of Letting the Sunshine In

“Dr. Lydie is one of the best people in the world. She is without a doubt one of the best attorneys that I have ever hired, and I have hired a lot of attorneys over the past 40 years to advise me on different issues.â€

David Dunworth

CEO of Marketing Partners

“Dr. Lydie is such a special person. She does everything she can to find a business legal solution that works for everyone. At this point, we consider her family. Merci beaucoup Dr. Lydie!â€

Werner Berger

Guinness World Records Holder as the oldest person in the world to have completed the 7-Summit climbs (Messner-7)

“Lydie is an excellent speaker and very informative trainer.â€

Enid Jean-Claude

Managing Director Chase Bank

“The Executive MBA students really enjoy Lydie’s courses. Her real-world application of complex business legal issues intrigues the students. Lydie is a very popular professor.â€

Kathleen McGahran

Associate Dean Columbia Business School

“Dr. Lydie is one of the best.  She is considerate and so highly attuned to what business owners need especially in the fast pace of real estate, you need quick reliable answers.”

Craig Peleg

Agent-Owner EXP Realty

“While I am impressed by Dr. Lydie’s competency and the extent of her knowledge and research, I am even more impressed by her ability to execute and the results she produces. Whether it’s a trademark, an LLC, or a filing or court procedure, she makes every move with ease and confidence.â€

Heshie Siegal

Executive Director, Kid’s Better World and Global Brand Ambassador for PURITII

“Dr. Lydie has been very instrumental in helping me setting up my practice and making it successful.  I highly recommend her.â€

Dr. Thomas Toussaint

M.D., Pelvic Laser Institute of Florida

Dr. Lydie is an absolute breath of fresh air! She can look at a contract and tell you the sections that are not going to work for you, why and how it needs to be changed to protect you! It does not get better than that.â€

Orly Amor

CEO of The Global Mentoring Center

“Dr. Lydie has been instrumental in helping me navigate around some sticky financial issues concerning my dad’s estate, without her I would have been lost.â€

Dawn C. Meyers,

CEO of Purple Dawn, former NASA Scientist

“Dr. Lydie is one of the best people in the world. I have hired her to review some business opportunities for my business and her advice is excellent. She has been a highlighted speaker at various events. The audience always loves her heartfelt stories and legal expertise that she shares about business and taxes.â€

Shannon Gronich

CEO of Business Acceleration Network

“Dr. Lydie is the best kept secret. She is the Latina Les Brown! She knows what she is talking about and she delivers it with compassion and humor. It is amazing to be around her and her unique blend of Morena Spice!â€

Bert Oliva

International Speaker and Author

“Dr. Lydie was able to give me legal insight that no other lawyer gave me. Her information motivated me to take action. Dr. Lydie should be a household name streaming into your living room!â€

Forbes Reilly

CEO Forbes Factor Creator of the SpinGym

“Dr. Lydie leads with compassion and wisdom. It’s my pleasure to work with her.â€

Nancy Mathews

Co-Founder Women’s Prosperity Network

“Dr. Lydie is such a caring person, and when you add how wickedly smart she is, she is quite incredible. We had her on the radio show three times! Listeners kept asking for her, and she would make time to share her knowledge.â€

Ken Rochon

Co-Anchor AMPLIFIED! RADIO Founder of The Umbrella Syndicate

“Dr. Lydie shares the knowledge that has taken her decades of working on Wall Street and as a law professor to empower us to build our businesses and leave the wealth behind for our loved ones. I am always proud to share the stage with her.â€

Charles Theisen

Business Empowerment Specialist and Co-Founder of The Business Empowerment Network

“What Dr. Lydie shares with people is so very important. You don’t even know there is another way to protect our retirement and leave money for our children until she works with you. Everyone should be hiring her!â€

Charlene Levine

CEO Wraps by Char

“Dr. Lydie is someone every business owner and corporate executive needs to know and hire.â€

Dr. Trish Murry

Founder Discover Health Functional

“I trust Dr. Lydie with all of my legal matters. She is honest, caring, and figures thing out that really helps you move forward. My spouse and I are so pleased with her that we hired her as our personal family attorney.â€

K.D. Wagner

Author and CEO Gold Star Matrix




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