We all seek answers to the challenges in our lives.
Helping you to discover those answers as it relates to your business or dreams about owning a business is what In Pursuit of Multi-Millionaire MasteryTM is all about.

Dr. Lydie will empower you with her expertise and her experience, She deeply cares about helping you succeed because she knows what it is like to have no one you can rely on to help you. She remembers the pain of being 9 years old and no one helped her mom when her dad’s business partner embezzled all of the profits from their business and skipped town. The shame caused her dad to leave her mom and to leave little Lydie in the streets of Brooklyn in the early eighties. Her mom did her best but no one really helped them. It is that pain that compels Dr. Lydie to help others today to become more than others expect you to become. Dr. Lydie will help you find the answers and confidence to help you become successful.

Dr. Lydie hosts bi-weekly Private Zoom presentations with Q&A sessions to give you an opportunity to get answers to your business, financial and legal questions. It’s all done in a fun supportive atmosphere with a little music and lots of humor. Recorded sessions are posted on FaceBook.

These LIVE sessions will:

  • Motivate you
  • Give you know-how that can make a difference in your life
  • Teach you the art and science of encouraging others to buy
  • Help you create or build a business
  • Help you build your confidence
  • Give you the ability to make a difference locally and globally

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