Updated: Jan 20

Late last week, while we were getting ready to celebrate the New Year, a federal judge in NYC blocked a NYC local law that required Airbnb, and other apartment rental businesses like Home Away, from turning over to NYC Officials detailed user information about who was using and providing short term rentals in NYC.

This is certainly a victory for Aribnb, and Home Away who vigorously fought the NYC disclosure law. It is also a victory for the users, no matter how short-lived it may. The reality is that Airbnb users that open their homes to strangers, heavily rely on the money that they make from “sharing” their home with strangers to pay ordinary living expenses such as very expensive NYC rents.

Besides, Airbnb and Hoe Away users are hardly the market type that would be spending hundreds of dollars per night to stay at very expensive hotel in NYC. We are referring to totally different demographics and customer bases. Airbnb fills a need on both side of the equation for the provider and the user.